Thursday, July 31, 2008

Someday We're All Gonna Fall

This song was written and performed for Gatling Gun's one and only show on April 11, 2008, but was significantly different from the recorded version. It is sort of a collaboration. Elena wrote the original lyrics and vocal melody, off of which I based chord changes and the eventual arrangement of the song. Nick also wrote some of the lyrics.

I think the recording quality on this song is much better than that of "March 1." I didn't have the challenge of recording acoustic guitar or the fuzz bass. Almost everything is played live, with the exception of some barely audible percussion I added. All of the stuff that sounds synthesized is either a microkorg I played through an amp, or Elena's voice and drum sounds which I added effects to in Logic, which was pretty fun. I also screwed around with EQing the drums very precisely, and I think they sound pretty good (sometimes).

The lyrics are pretty straight forward. I think they express something pretty similar to the feelings I was expressing in March 1, the stagnancy many of us have felt after graduating from college and finding ourselves in New York for no particular reason, trying to figure out why we're here and how we should be spending our time. Well, it's not all as drab as that, I suppose. Also thoughts of impending doom.

This one features Bethany Strout again on the cello, Elena singing, and me on the other stuff.